#FlashbackFriday - My first release from ...

#FlashbackFriday - My first release from 2013...

May 29, 2020

I wrote my first book on a dare. It's true.

I was helping another author and she liked my feedback on her novel. She encouraged me to write a book. I told her no for about six months, until one day she asked, "Well, if you were to write a book, what would it be about?"

Now, I'd been having a challenging day with a husband who worked (and still does) 12 hour work days and two kids who needed to be driven, here and there, and help with homework - oh, and they needed to be fed, too. (go figure!) Plus there were the runs to the cleaners, and grocery shopping and house cleaning... So that particular day, I was feeling greatly under appreciated so I replied, "I'd write a book about a 42-year-old woman who just packs her shit and leaves her ungrateful family behind. My friend said, "I'd totally read that book."

So I wrote it. Only, a bit different...

This is the Book Description... and below that a snippet from my first book, Ditching the Dream**


Her marriage has grown cold. But will the "hall pass" from her husband turn her NYC sojourn into a scorching hot experience?

Elizabeth Fairchild has had enough of her emotionally distant husband. But when she escapes to the Big Apple, she’s shocked to receive her husband’s blessing for an extramarital fling. She's livid until the city that never sleeps reveals two gorgeous men to keep her up all night…

With a rugged educator and a chiseled former model fighting over her affections, the love triangle pushes Elizabeth's passion to a level she never thought possible. Enthralled and enlightened by her authorized affairs, she fears her entanglements could be less than temporary…

Will the new Elizabeth embrace her scorching future, or will playing with fire leave her heart burned? 

Ditching the Dream is the first book in the steamy Dream Series of romantic page-turners. If you like sizzling chemistry, complex heroes, and endings that leave you craving more, then you’ll love Isabelle Peterson’s passionate page-turner. And you can keep turning the pages as Ditching the Dream is Book 1 in a 6 Book series.



Rounding the corner of the hallway, I rested my back on the wall and tried to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. I shouldn’t let him talk to me that way, and I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. But… But… It made me feel so desirable. Surely, he talked like that to all the women. This was all a big game to him. He couldn’t mean any of it.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he said, appearing next to me. He followed me? 

“Jack, look, things are—my life is just—” He didn’t let me finish. His lips, soft lips, came down on mine. It was rather chaste, somewhat calming, yet firing off all sorts of bells and warnings and arousal. I closed my eyes and an unbidden moan escaped my throat. 

“Calm down,” he whispered, pulling back. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do, but there’s something between us. You feel it, too. I know you do.”

I didn’t protest. I didn’t know why. I opened my eyes to see him regarding me as if I were the most precious thing in the world. His lips again joined mine, and this time I kissed him back. It was a dance of lips and tongues that would seduce even the most conservative woman. My hands joined the dance exploring every inch of his extremely well-toned body. Man! This guy must work out for hours every day. His arms, his shoulders, his back… everywhere my hands roamed, they were greeted with taut muscle.

His hands explored my back, my waist, and my breasts. I desperately wanted my shirt off so I could have those hands on my skin. I had never felt so beautiful or desired. Everywhere his touch voyaged felt privileged to have been explored. I silently vowed to get a gym membership tomorrow, on my day off, to continue the routine I’d set up back home.

He was half done with unbuttoning my shirt when it registered that he was undressing me in the hallway of his home. Before I could get myself to respond, he was pushing the fabric from my shoulders and stopping it at my elbows behind my back. 

Jack stepped back to observe the view. My black satin bra was of fuller coverage than I’d have worn for a situation like this - had I actually been “on the market” so to speak.

“Satin is nice, but we can do so much better than this,” he muttered, bringing his lips down to the top of my left breast, his hand cupping my right side. His thumb rubbed over the nipple that was growing taut.

Note to self, wear the good lacy bras from here on out.

I couldn’t say anything more as his mouth crashed upon mine, bringing up a desire in me that could only be matched by a wild forest fire. With his lips on my lips and his hands caressing my breasts, I felt myself grow slick between my legs. I don’t know that I’d ever felt like this.

My hands, which were resting on his hard chest wishing to push back, found the buttons of his fine, surely custom, shirt and started to make quick work of the buttons without my permission. Pulling the tails out of his slacks to finish the unbuttoning, “That’s it,” he groaned into my mouth spurring me on. 

The last two buttons undone, I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and let it flutter to the floor. I finally pushed him back and took in the treasure that had been posted for years in magazines and on billboards. How I had not recognized Jack was beyond me, but Sweet baby, Jesus! The man had aged finer than a French Cabernet. 

His body was one hundred percent perfection. My eyes took in the whole view. His muscular shoulders, nearly bulging pecs, those abs, and the “happy trail”, as Jess always called it, leading down into the trousers that sat low enough on his waist to reveal the ‘V’. That trail let my mind to go to places leaving me quivering with the ‘perfection’ that could be below the waistline.

He stepped back into me, dropping his head to my ear. His hot breath caressing my neck and ear making me shiver despite the growing heat, the flames licking every inch of my skin.


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