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Bonnaroo 2023 | Last Minute Work Opportu ...

Bonnaroo 2023 | Last Minute Work Opportunities

Jun 03, 2023

Dates: June 15-18 | Location: Manchester, TN | **Updated: 6/6/2023

Less than two weeks until Bonnaroo and if you're still looking for an opportunity to show up, put in the work, and enjoy the festival... well here's a few chances!

(As this festival is rapidly approaching, I've decided to make this post available to everyone! But this is an idea of what future posts will consist of for Insider and VIP members.)

Paid Positions

**Aligned Traffic Management: They are hiring for traffic controllers for the festival. Event working days are June 13th through June 19th and shifts are 12hrs long, either 5am - 5pm or 5pm - 5am. Pay is $15/hr and will be paid out on June 23rd. One meal will be provided per shift. Follow the link to the Craigslist gig post and respond to them with their requested information.

Just Squeezed Lemonade: Basically working a lemonade stand. Preparing and selling lemonade for patrons, keeping your work area clean, interacting with attendees, standing for long periods of time but it's a fun and simple job! Working hours are to be discussed/sent out after hire. Pay varies depending upon state/event. For Bonnaroo it's on the lower end at $10/hr plus tips. BUT you still get to enjoy the festival during your of hours and you get access to free staff camping.


Shower Cashiers: Based on the post where I found the job, seems like you'll be working as a cashier for the on-site/camp showers. They have multiple shifts available Tuesday through Monday, both day and night. $15/hr with free staff camping available. For more information or questions, email the contact provided below.

Email: [email protected]

Stagehand Crew: This is the gig that I will be doing this year! The position will consist of loading/unloading trucks and stage production gear for the event. Must be able to life 50+ lbs. Stagehand experience is preferred but not required. Shifts are 12 hours long and will have openings available from June 12th through June 20th. $18/hr with crew camping and 3 catered meals per day that you work. Scheduling and pay will be done through an app called Traba, you will have to have this app and create an account. You can apply via the Indeed link below; you should receive a text sometime after that contain links, allowing you to select and confirm your shifts. If you don't happen to receive these texts, contact me and I may have a shortcut.


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