The Budget Book 2024

The Budget Book 2024

Sep 02, 2023

Can’t believe we are here with edition four! It’s three years since I first published “The Budget Book”.

“The Budget Book” has always been self published. This means I pay personally for advertising, editing and so on.

What is exciting about this years version is that this year is the first time ever in history the The Irish Times is accepting applications for the top 10 list from self published or indie authors like me, to make the top 10 best sellers!

So I’m going for it 🤗 nervous as hell but I’m really hoping to be the first indie author to make it! So I’m asking everyone to help support me in anyway you can! Be it share my book with others, like my posts on my book or purchase it!

I’m selling on buy the book this year so orders will run more smoothly!

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me ❤️

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