The Russia-Ukraine War In Hindsight

The Russia-Ukraine War In Hindsight

Feb 02, 2023

How did the war in Ukraine begin? What is the US official position with the war in Ukraine? What are Ukraine's objectives in the war? Where does Vladamir Putin stand in all of this? What can we conclude from the historical archive about the true origin of the conflict the mainstream media simply ignores?

Below are a few resources to help you put everything in perspective. I recommend watching just 3-5 minutes from where the video starts as it should be enough to pick out the main point.

a) The US vs international law

b) The war industry

c) The West vs others

d) Ukraine’s hyper nationalist mistake

e) Putin & Donbas

Honest Take

Let me know what your thoughts on all of it are. Also, thank you for taking time with the truth.

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Martin Kay,
The Intrinsic Report.

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