Upcoming SWAP 🎁 3:1 CRFI Distribution t ...

Upcoming SWAP 🎁 3:1 CRFI Distribution to Electronero Network

Sep 01, 2021

Electronero & Crystaleum partnership

Electronero Network and Crystaleum Core have partnered. To solidify partnership, Crystaleum has launched CRFI coin on EI-1.0 architechture, and began funding development of EI-2.0 Electronero Smart Chain and INTERCHAINED XSC tokens.

ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX 3:1 swap to CRFI

As a result of the partnership, ETNX, ETNXP, and LTNX hodlers will be receiving a swap rate of ₮3 in CRFI for every ₮1 in ETNX, ETNXP, or LTNX. 3:1 CRFI based on USDt value of holdings. Example, ₮100 of ETNX, ETNXP, or LTNX will receive ₮300 in CRFI. Calculations to determine the specific prices of ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX were done to satisfy agreements of both parties, and trading averages during the months of March through June 2021. The results are in, and I go into detail below.

Deployment of Electronero 2.0

Electronero 2.0 Electronero Smart Chain is an entirely new ecosystem built in parallel with Electronero 1.0 legacy Cryptonote which is sourced from Monero, and a blockchain fork of Electroneum. ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX may opt to produce hard fork(s) after the CRFI swaps, this could mean potential reboot of Electronero 1.0 legacy Cryptonote assets. It's not clear whether future trade-ability of ETNX/ETNXP/LTNX may require hard fork and supply reduction or not. The best case would be to reduce supply and redistribute holdings to owners through an EI-1.0 to EI-2.0 claimant bridge. Such a solution would allow Electronero Network to "reboot" through launch of EI-2.0 Electronero Smart Chain, and INTERCHAINED XSC tokens. It should allow average trading prices of Electronero xAssets to rise, while preserving Electronero 1.0 assets on Electronero Smart Chain. We're working on plans for swift transition from EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote assets to EI-2.0 XRC20 xAssets without potential for losses. The best solution thus far is for Electronero core devs and "angels" to keep clones of EI-1.0 "elder" blockchains running on designated ports on their seed nodes, under private networks. This would be the case anyways as Electronero 1.0 and Electronero 2.0 run parallel and are interoperable sharing public, and private functions along with sharing dual consensus algorithms Proof-of-Work on EI-1.0 and Proof-of-Stake on EI-2.0. In Electronero 2.0 ecosystem approved Electronero xASSETS are airdropped and made available to Electronero community members. Electronero xASSETS planned for deployment by 10/30/2021 are xETN paired with Electroneum ETN, xXMR paired with Monero XMR, and all Electronero Network EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote assets such as ETNX as xETNX, ETNXP as xETNXP, LTNX as xLTNX, GLDX as xGLDX, CRFI as xCRFI.

Wallets are regenerated or verified through Webnero, or remote node, and unspent outputs on paired parent chains could be claimed on EI-2.0 Electronero Smart Chain as XRC20 tokens. At this time Electronero Network is continuing to maintain all blockchains, in parallel. In fact, further expansions of Electronero Network include the deployment of Electronero Smart Chain on 09/09/2021, and INTERCHAINED XSC tokens by 10/30/2021 on BSC/ETH/TRON and various networks. EI-1.0 coins are integral part of the future of Electronero Network. Since EI-1.0 coins are valuable due to BulletProof RCT, ring-signatures, offering privacy as a layer-2 solution to through SideChained AIO Bridge XSC and xAssets or other XRC-20 tokens and other coins such as BTC, LTC, or otherwise can transact atomically cross-chain. Webnero web interface, and Electronero passport will resume operations this week. For mobilenero mobile app users please login to Webnero when announcements of the re-opening have surfaced so you can deposit ETNX, ETNXP, and LTNX into Webnero before the swaps take place and take advantage of the profitable CRFI swap rates and 100% rebates for Webnero members!

How To Buy ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX before CRFI swap, and Electronero 2.0 launch

Buy and Hold ETNX, ETNXP or LTNX now before the swap to CRFI. Store your coins at Finexbox.com or Webnero. To receive the most benefits from the swap including 100% post-swap rebates, use Webnero the official web wallet of Electronero Network. EI-1.0 and EI-2.0 are available at Webnero.

BUY💰ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX in various trading pairs at exchange affiliates TradeOgre.com Finexbox.com Indoex.io Vindax.com Bitexlive.com

BUY ETNX and BUY ETNXP for the LOWEST RATES at TradeOgre.com team has listed coins for sale from the listing and liquidity reserves fund.

Buy ETNX: https://tradeogre.com/exchange/LTC-ETNX

Buy ETNXP: https://tradeogre.com/exchange/LTC-ETNXP

Webnero: https://webnero.electronero.org/register.html

CrystalID: https://id.crystaleum.org

⚠️ Stay tuned to @etnxnews @etnxpnews @ltnxnews @crfinews for official announcements

Crystaleum $CRFI stats

Symbol: CRFI

Circulations: less than < 1.000000000000 CRFI

Max Supply: 101,101.000000000000 CRFI

Precision: 12 decimals

Block solve time: 6 seconds

TX unlock time: 18 blocks, 2 minutes

Algorithm: PoW Cryptonight Fast v1 & PoS OnyxState

Telegram: @crystaleum @crfinews

Website: Crystaleum.org

Source code: GitHub (https://github.com/crystaleum/crystaleum)

Exchanges: Indoex.io and Vindax.com Finexbox.com

There is less than 1 CRFI in circulation. There are 101,101.000000000000 CRFI in max supply. Block reward emissions is very low, CRFI coin is dual CryptonightFast v1 PoW & OnyxState PoS.

During pre-swap sales price of CRFI coin rose as high as ₮200,000 USDt per coin, and traded at an average of ₮4,000 to ₮20,000 USDt per CRFI. CRFI price for the swaps is set at ₮11,443.96 USDT per CRFI. Verify CRFI historical trading data 📊 >>> read more on CoinGecko

ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX swap to CRFI breakdown:

CRFI/USDT price is set at ₮11,443.96 per CRFI

ETNX/LTC price agreed for swap to CRFI is 0.000000015 LTC per ETNX

ETNXP/LTC price agreed for swap to CRFI is 0.00000020 LTC per ETNXP

LTNX/LTC price agreed for swap to CRFI is 0.000000015 LTC per ETNX

LTC/USDT average trading price: ₮172.64 (down 21.20% since swap calculations period)

LTC/USDT average trading price during swap calculations period of 03/01/2021 through 06/01/2021 was agreed to be ₮209.25 per LTC (21.20% more than today's LTC/USDT value as of 09/01/2021)

ETNX/USDT & LTNX/USDT prices for swap to CRFI is ₮0.00000313875 USDT

ETNXP/USDT price for swap to CRFI is ₮0.00004185 USDT

Anyone may buy ETNX & ETNXP now for 0.00000001 LTC or 0.00000002 LTC at TradeOgre.com

ETNX, LTNX & ETNXP Hodlers will get 3:1 CRFI based on USDt value.

0.000000045 LTC value for ETNX & LTNX stock swap to CRFI

0.00000060 LTC value for ETNXP stock swap to CRFI

ETNX & LTNX 3:1 USDT value against CRFI priced in at ₮0.00000941625 USDT

ETNXP 3:1 USDT value against CRFI priced in at at ₮0.00012555 USDT

ETNX/ETNXP/LTNX value against CRFI

The final swap values of ETNX, ETNXP, and LTNX against CRFI are broken down into detail below.

1,215,341,563.786008 ETNX or LTNX = 1 CRFI

91,150,617.283951 ETNXP = 1 CRFI

That's roughly 0.000000000825 CRFI per ETNX or LTNX and 0.000000010975 CRFI per ETNXP

Low or no-risk swap; 100% rebates

Now as long as we have our ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX at Webnero we will get 100% rebates in our original assets after the swap takes place when Electronero 2.0 is launched. Example, a ₮100 holder of ETNX gets to claim ₮300 of CRFI, and a ₮100 rebate of ETNX. The low or no-risk swap rebate program is only guaranteed for Webnero members.

Closing statement

Congratulations to Electronero community and thank you for your support over the years. We've come a long way together, and now I have to ask for your support again as we are in final preparations to deploy Electronero 2.0. Please fund our project. This is a very special update: Electronero 2.0 has been announced! Main net operations begin 09/09/2021! Tremendous progress 👍 public and private networks, interoperability, compatibility with major networks, expansion, this is good for Electronero ecosystem. Fill your bags were going to have several more profitable swaps after this as we deploy INTERCHAINED XSC tokens to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and we deploy Electronero Smart Chain a parallel public blockchain, enabling Electronero Network to deploy xAssets or XRC-20 tokens for short, and smart contracts, DEX, Staking, Yield Farming, and more! Electronero 2.0: Interchained (EI-2.0 for short). Did I mention Electronero 2.0 is going public, and keeping private digital assets as an option through SideChained AIO Bridge and EI-2.0? √√√ this is getting good... Stay tuned! Join us on Telegram

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