Electronero 2.0 deploys 09/09/2021 Jump ...

Electronero 2.0 deploys 09/09/2021 Jump in now! Don't miss out! Get the lowest rates now!

Sep 01, 2021

Buy ETNX & ETNXP now and you'll get maximum benefit as we deploy Electronero 2.0 xAssets. EI-1.0 holders get to keep EI-1.0 coins, and claim shares of XSC on various networks as well as claim EI-2.0 xAssets such as xETNX & xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, xXMR, xETN and more XRC-20 tokens deployed on Electronero Smart Chain! xAssets start out paired to XSC, BNB, ETH and various coins/tokens through ElectroneroDEX, and CEX listings.

Claim your EI-2.0 xETNX, xETNXP on Electronero Smart Chain, and claim XSC on several networks through Webnero from ETNX, ETNXP on EI-1.0. Keep both. It's that simple. Don't miss this chance of a lifetime!

What else can we do on Electronero 2.0?

Vote on proposals through ElectroneroDAO

Swap from $BSC or BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain to $ETH or ERC20 tokens on Ethereum through interoperable, simultaneous, parallel INTERCHAINED $XSC tokens via SideChained AIO Bridge!

Electronero 2.0 main net operations open to the public 09/09/2021

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