Thank you for supporting inPrint!

Thank you for supporting inPrint!

Jan 04, 2022

Hello to all our fellow art-lovers out there!

We are writing this post as we continue to think of ways to make our work sustainable.

Our mission has always been to foster a love of printmaking, a truly versatile but sometimes inaccessable medium. We offer workshops, organize exhibitions, and support artists in making their print work. But a big part of our practice as an artist-based organization is community work.

We believe in the potential of print to amplify voices, to be a medium of storytelling and expression, and so we work to create residencies, youth mentorships and other programs to do that. We structure our community printmaking programs to think critically about the world around us, and to create space where we can for a multitude of artistic voices to emerge. We work with a feminist, anti-racist, and decolonizing lens in our programs, while also making our own fine art.

COVID has really curtailed our ability to generate revenue, and we've survived the last two years in our studio space with the gracious support of our community. "Buy Me a Coffee" is now another way folks can help us out, in whatever capacity they can. We have a lot of incredible projects in the works to take us well into 2023, and it's our hope we can keep our Toronto space to do that.

We thank you for everything, always!

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