School Idol Festival Journal Log 29 Publ ...

School Idol Festival Journal Log 29 Published

Jan 29, 2021

Episode 29: Every Goal Has Achievement

In this Episode theme, it talks about on how goals are achieved by any means --- by clearing a task, or by doing that objective to receive a reward! And what are the things that every person must do in order to achieve or complete that goal?

The LLSIF Tip of the Week is...

Be careful on running a team without any Healers!

You can find out the explanation of this tip by reading the Episode in the given link below after the next paragraph!

What were the things and highlights encountered in this past week, weekend, and this week on the School Idol Universe, and in the LLSIF rhythm game in both JP and Global branches? Find out by reading this Episode!

Read EP29 here:


School Idol Festival Journal Log is a blog post series segment on Inori-D Station. It talks about my progress in the current video game that I am playing, the LoveLive! School Idol Festival. It is being published weekly as Episodes, in a form of blog posts!

Somehow, it is almost similar to vlogging, only it is in a form of blog posts!

Not only I talk about my current progress in the game itself! But also, I give out some latest news and information from the School Idol Universe, or the LoveLive! Series itself. Every week, they were included as 'headlines' before an actual Episode starts! So then, you can learn of what's happening in the School Idol Universe around, aside from playing its featured video game!

DISCLAIMER: School Idol Festival Journal Log on IDS has no relation with the LoveLive! Series nor having affiliation with it. Also, it has no relation to its featured video games, and its related staff and companies in any way.

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