School Idol Festival Journal Log 30 Publ ...

School Idol Festival Journal Log 30 Published

Feb 05, 2021

Episode 30: The Season of Love -Part 1-

In the first part of the arc, it tells about the Valentine's Day --- in what way do people celebrate it. It is considered to be a chocolate-giving season in Japan during this romantic holiday. But then, what is Valentine's Day, for you?

Also, there are plenty of headlines and highlights to be expected in this Episode! Be sure to read them carefully, then!

The LLSIF Tip this week is...

Increase your member's Skill Level to increase effectiveness of your Scoring power!

You can find out more about this tip by reading the today's Episode!

Read EP30 Here:


School Idol Festival Journal Log is a blog post series segment on Inori-D Station. It talks about my progress in the current video game that I am playing, the LoveLive! School Idol Festival. It is being published weekly as Episodes, in a form of blog posts!

Somehow, it is almost similar to vlogging, only it is in a form of blog posts!

Not only I talk about my current progress in the game itself! But also, I give out some latest news and information from the School Idol Universe, or the LoveLive! Series itself. Every week, they were included as 'headlines' before an actual Episode starts! So then, you can learn of what's happening in the School Idol Universe around, aside from playing its featured video game!

DISCLAIMER: School Idol Festival Journal Log on IDS has no relation with the LoveLive! Series nor having affiliation with it. Also, it has no relation to its featured video games, and its related staff and companies in any way.

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