Bootstrap Bill

Bootstrap Bill

Oct 04, 2022

On the last rainy summer day of 2022, I was exhausted already. My wordfinding problems were bugging me; besides the pain in my tummy, leg, feet, and lungs, the buzzing in my ears, and troubled eyesight, I was excited to walk. Using the wheelchair might have been a better option in this physical state to save my energy, yet I chose physical exercise.

Before Covid, I worked out 3-4 times a week; now, I am happy with a daily 2kms walk to get some physical exercise. It's a delight to be taken out to walk in different surroundings, especially when they give me moments of aww. This time we went to the woods in Heenweg, also known as "Staelduinsbos." with great bunkers from World War II.

At first, it felt like a regular walk until I felt like I needed to cry without reason. No sad or uncomfortable thoughts, and yet I felt an intense sadness coming up, walking on a hill with bunkers underneath.

Crossing a few stone pillars across the hill, I felt my happiness coming back as if I walked through a porch from sadness into joy. I was mesmerized and reversed; crossing the porch again gave me the same experience.

Further down the same path, a beautiful big tree got my attention. Instantly, I called the tree 'Bootstrap Bill'. An astonishing moment as I watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean years ago. With all the trouble finding words, this easily found name suits the tree perfectly.

During Long Covid, besides practicing gratitude, I am working on my awareness through meditation and training using my brainwave states effectively. It leads to magical moments in seeing and experiencing things I never paid attention to before. These assumingly small moments have become memorable moments in life narrowed down to the basics, like 'Bootstrap Bill" on a rainy day, catching a beam of sunlight.

Travel with me, Love!

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