Jesse Markin - NOIR

Jesse Markin - NOIR

Jul 06, 2021

For the friends of: Michael Kiwanuka, Tony Allen's "There Is No End" and CeeLo Green
Genre: hip hop, modern soul, psychedelic rock 
Country: Finland
Year: 2021
Favorite track(s): "Vildhjarta", "Smokestack" and "Counting Money on a Sunday" 
Emoji: 🥘
Random words: lights behind a smoke curtain

In 2019 Jesse Markin released his debut solo album "FOLK" which was one of my top 9 albums of the year. It built huge expectations for the "difficult" second album. "NOIR" clearly follows the same line with the debut album, taking influences from multiple different genres making it slightly hard to put Markin's music in one box. At the same time, this makes him one of the most interesting artists in Finland right now, but also makes the listening experience slightly hard for the audience. 

Compared to the debut album, "NOIR" has a much better production, but from time to time it gets quite massive with a psychedelic soundscape that lacks a certain soulfulness and simpleness that tracks like "Blood", '"Jericho" and "Hope" have. All in all, even though "NOIR" has a feeling of an album with multiple singles rather than having a clear line, it is full of brilliant, interesting music that makes you return to it multiple times.

Ville Saarni – Cube_rat

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