Introducing: Mrkeyboard - August Issue

Introducing: Mrkeyboard - August Issue

Aug 10, 2023

Where can we find you right now and what are you up to?

I am Mrkeyboard, im Finland based home artist, coming small city Called Jarvenpaa (, its located abt 40 kilometers from  Finland capital city Helsinki. I had streamed my instrumental songs many places:







Tell us a bit about your influences.

I was interviewed by Finnish famous music magazine called Emotion magazine, Finnish magazines are mostly hard to access they do not interview all artstist or home musicians, they will select mostly interest ones, link to my interview it is finnish, so you might need to use google translator:, this is maybe my finest influence for now.

How did you start?

I started my music hobby somewhere from 10yrs +, my first real instrument was accordion, but I was started flipple flute in kindergarten ages under 10 yrs old, but, first real instrument was Accordeon, I started to learn it truly, I went to East Helsinki Music Institute to learn Accordeon more, sure it was also, hobby of mine, I feel that I can't get enough from accordion, i self-learned using a music workstation, and digital keyboards, I interest as well midi-music keyboards, and because i had nerd in my blood, I was interested music creating, mixing, and editing, with pc, and play music keyboards, and pc together, also my computer hobby starts werry young same times as music hobby as well, i was not ordinary teen, when other play games, I studied programming, and music making, and coding it. My first computer was called Commodore C64, my first pc was 386sx , and lots of midi cables, and stuff. I started to streaming online somewhere since 2017, my first accounts was Bandcamp, and Audiomack. Also, I joined to Spotify a bit later, and other places.



What obstacles does an emerging artist have to face in our time?

I think my answer is to get heard, and get liked, there are many artist and music creators in world, you need to promote your music , and you must believe it yourself, I know it is challenging, but, how other can enjoy your creations, if you don't like them yourself, trust yourself, and promote your music, courage yourself to it, its good advice.

What worked for you marketing-wise? What advice or tips would you give to new artists?

I think you have just courage yourself, and publish your first music out, what do you have to lose?, there are many ways to promote your music even free, you can start to share your music on social media,and youtube, or through your friends. Friends are in my opinion good judges, they will give honest opinions about your music, and you will know if you need to change your music in any way, also you can do cheap music promotions through payable services, but if you are unsure how your music hits to the audience, you should start in free sharing area like social media, and thought by your friends, when your music going to gain an audience, and interest, you can think, if is it time to protect your music with copyrights, and share through by music distribution company.

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Myself I just want to make people happier, with my music, and entertain people, but it is nice if I can access to some game music or commercial stuff, music is my opinion, the language of peace, what we all should live.

Tell us about your latest or upcoming release.

My latest release is Magic Sounds, it is synth music instrumental song, with cool sounds, and flute melody.

This interview will be featured in the printed issue of "What's New?" for the month of August.

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