How to adapt yourself in India? 5 tips

How to adapt yourself in India? 5 tips

Jun 18, 2021

They say either you are going to love India or hate it. It is up to you to make your experience while traveling, working or doing business an incredible opportunity to learn about a completely different country, culture & about yourself. Take into account these tips, for when the time for traveling to India opens up again.

Before I forget, I would like to wish you happy pride month!

I wrote a post in my website about it and the situation in India. In this photo, yes I kissed a girl during pride parade more than 10 years ago! So I thought... why not sharing also my memories with you? It is a very special month, because I have also celebrated my 10 years of marriage! For photos of my marriage, you can go to my instagram, clicking here.

Coming back to traveling to India...

Currently in India local tourism between states is allowed if having a negative pcr done 72 hours before the trip... so hopefully at some point the borders open for everyone, if you are one of the persons looking forward to travel to India from abroad.

  1. Do not compare India with your own country: the first thing you have to think before going to India is that you will not be in your country or visiting a country where people have a similar lifestyle. Whenever I travel within Europe, I see the majority of the countries are very much alike. You will understand this when you go to India. Even if you have traveled a lot in Asia as well, India is so different.

  2. Be patient: if you are already in India, you have to understand that the concept that Indians have about the time, is not like in the Western countries. They usually don´t change time for money, but for the work they have done. For example, Indians tend to struggle when they are newcomers to other countries where time is valuable like that. Let´s say you have hired someone to clean your house for two hours. It is very common for you to understand that if in those two hours there are tasks pending like the cleaner didn´t have time to iron all your clothes, then you can´t ask for more if you don´t want to pay more than two hours. However, for Indians living abroad they might not accept this at first cause they are used to get all the services they have required for even if it takes longer than it was planned.

    Continuing with examples about the time in India. ... When someone says, let´s meet at 10 o´clock, do not be surprised if they show up late. Even to go to work or to meetings, this is very common: Not to be on time. I remember how frustrated some of the travelers I have guided in India used to get when listening to expression like “chelo” which means let´s go, but we were not moving... Not yet... Foreigners who have traveled with me, are the first ones stepping out of the door & asking me: Why are we not going? Thats when I explain the real meaning behind, it is not to go now but “let´s start thinking about going", "we will go when everyone is ready in a few minutes” There are many things to have patience with in India. This is because we are not used to the way they are organized. Yes, they are organized, indeed!

  3. Your perception is not the reality: have you ever felt like an E.T. In other country?If not, there are high chances you will feel like a fish out of the water when you first land in India. Millions of people staring at you... you might wonder, what is wrong? Your thoughts going round and round, thinking why are people staring at me? It is very normal to stare in India. I realized that Indians also stare to Indians! Probably not with as much curiosity as they do for foreigners. But definitely, their eyesight is really well developed and it is part of surviving in India.

  4. Go with the flow: in my first visit to India, I ended up understanding that my perception was wrong. I was just looking at so many things from the wrong angle. I believed I could be under control of everything, but the more you try to control things, the more desperate & frustrated you get. Why? Just accept that whatever happens in India, it is because it has to happen that way. For example, if you don't know how to swim, will you fight against the water? You will drawn if you do that.... It is better you learn how to float or find someone to help you. Your positive thoughts will let yourself go easy and smoothly in a new environment: the water =India.

  5. Do not complain. There is order in the Chaos you see: remember what I explained to you about your perception? As harder as it seems, your perception is not correct. It is very hard to go outside your box. Your little world that was the truth just before you landed...

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Thanks again!


Rachel B.

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