30th May 2022 Watchlist

30th May 2022 Watchlist

May 30, 2022

Added to a holding today 8.23% Yield, amazing!

During my weekend research I added several companies to my watchlist as below including dividend yields.

IGG - IG Group - 6.96%
SYNT - Synthomer - 5.1%
PETS - Pets at Home - 3.58%
VTY - Vistry - 8.33%
LGEN - Legal and General - 7.5%
TPFG - The Property Franchise Group - 4.27%
AV. - Aviva - 8.23%
REDD - Redde Northgate - 5.59%
VTU - Vertu Motors - 3.12%
MNG - M&G - 9.07%

Watching price action during a very bullish day, I saw Aviva take a pullback on the uptrend it has been on since the capital return to shareholders, as I know the company well, have owned it for years, and checked my research again to see if the story was still sound, I added to my holding increasing my passive income and future capital growth.

This is not advice so please DYOR, am I happy with an 8.23%, you bet I am, what are you getting on your savings account 1%, 2% if you are lucky.

Will continue to monitor my watchlist as it is a bank holiday in the USA and a short week because of the Jubilee in the UK so could see some nice volatility on low volumes leading to buying opportunities.

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