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FocusTide (formerly AnotherPomodoro) 1.4 ...

FocusTide (formerly AnotherPomodoro) 1.4 is out

Jan 06, 2023

FocusTide (the new AnotherPomodoro) is finally out with a new, much improved design. Here are the key changes:

  • A new name: AnotherPomodoro is now FocusTide. This is partly due to potential trademark clashes on the pomodoro word.

  • There is no separate home page now, just the timer view, accessible in the place of the home page (simply at If you had the /timer page previously bookmarked, don't worry, it will still work (and redirect to /).

  • The user interface got a big overhaul. New font, a more consistent and rounded design for all components, a compact top app bar, new timer controls and more harmonized colors.

  • The onboarding view now lets you set some of the settings for first use. Previously, it was just a bunch of small "reminders" of what the app can do, but now it is a complete setup process. Much more useful. It also has a progress bar so you know how much is left.

  • Time inputs are now easier to handle. The time input fields were reworked, they should be easier to use (no more small buttons to change between minutes and seconds).

The new design also looks easier on mobile devices, too. Colors are now harmonized, the schedule view is more compact, and the control buttons don't overlap anymore. Also, there's a new font.

Check out FocusTide 1.4 at and tell me what you think of it!

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