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AnotherPomodoro 1.1 - Redesigned timers ...

AnotherPomodoro 1.1 - Redesigned timers & mobile improvements

May 02, 2022

AnotherPomodoro 1.1 was released with redesigned timers and a lot of mobile usability improvements. Among others, the settings and task buttons are not obscured anymore and the task list appears as a bottom sheet that can be easily hidden. Together these make the app much easier to use on phones.

Another huge visual overhaul came to the timers, each of them got a redesign that gives more emphasis to the numbers and their animations are also more fluid. This redesign brought some under-the-hood changes as well as I could get rid of the day.js package that powered the time formatting in the previous versions - these are now handled by the app itself.

The app also received improvements to the PWA (Progressive Web App) experience: it now has mobile screenshots and categories defined, which will allow me to submit it as an app to app stores in the future, too.

Check out the full changelog here or try the app for yourself and have a productive day!

AnotherPomodoro is a free and open-source productivity timer application.

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