Preparedness Tip #25 - No CI

Preparedness Tip #25 - No CI

May 06, 2022

All this discussion about Critical Infrastructure (CI) this preparedness week is to orientate you to the systems that permit the functioning of this modern society. The engines that allow the wondrous world in which we find ourselves in 2022. Understanding that these are the foundation of society and preparedness is about being capable of navigating through a disruption in normal operations, it is logical to assume that disruption occurs as a result in a shock to a CI sector - or many. Hence, the third most important question in preparedness is "What does your wold look like when you no longer have access to X"? Replace X with any one of the CI sectors and you need to be able to answer that question, as well as a developed plan to address that failure. That is preparedness in 2022.

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