Preparedness Tip #24 - Power

Preparedness Tip #24 - Power

May 05, 2022

Welcome to the most modern and industrial society we as humans have ever created. We are interconnected, aware and absolutely overwhelmed with both the scope and depth of information that is available. All of this possible and supported by one single sector of Critical Infrastructure (CI), the wonderful electricity - power. Everything, from our financial sectors, transportation (lights, GPS), stores, water supply, Internet, smartphones and this tip are all enabled through power. Nothing happens at the macro, meso and some micro levels without the availability of power. We need it period. That makes us vulnerable, incredibly so. We have created a wonderful society that has a single point of failure, a design flaw that we blissfully ignored or intentionally looked-away from, yet here we are. One element from chaos and most of us cannot generate our own.

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