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All about Transitions

All about Transitions

Apr 29, 2024

Hi friends!

I recorded a fun podcast episode that I think you will enjoy. It's about 15 minutes long and I'll post the transcript below in case you would rather read instead.

Feel free to leave a comment or share any of the Transitions you are going through also!

Episode Transcripts

Welcome to the first edition of Build Influencer Profits Podcast. I'm your host, Ileane Smith, and today I want to give you a little bit of a backstory about how the Anchor Show is now transitioning transitioning over to Build Influencer Profits Podcast. And as you may know, Anchor was acquired by Spotify, and as a result, the podcast, which was The Anchor Show, has been on hiatus for a while now.

And even though I published episodes on that show, even after the acquisition of Spotify, but I guess sometime within the last year, they completely decided to stop using the name Anchor, and it's now Spotify for Podcasters.And so, I'm in transition. I'm in transition because I already own the domain,, and I kind of like the domain. I like the name. I'm using Podpage with it, and because I'm active on YouTube, the site has been updated regularly because my YouTube videos automatically publish over there and it creates a post every time I post something on YouTube, which is quite often. But what I decided to do was at least put out another audio only episode. And, you know, I'm going to title this episode transition because this is also a transition that's happening over on Twitter.

And, yes, I call it Twitter, and I know many, many of my friends who still call it Twitter because the other name is just a silly name, not because we don't wanna call it something else. We'd call it something else if it made sense. But, so the transition is that we are now able to start Twitter Spaces from desktop.

So currently, I am on desktop, and I'm using my Shure MV7 microphone even though this is being recorded on Twitter. So now that I said that, I just realized that I actually had not opened up my Shure Plus Motive app. So let me just make a little slight adjustment here to the audio. Okay. I put in my custom preset.

So the audio may have changed slightly, but I wanted to, like I said, come on, talk about the transition, talk about how we as podcasters, content creators, YouTubers, what have you, we all need to be prepped and nimble when the time for transition comes, and that time is upon us here in so many different ways.

You know, I just mentioned two, 1 with Spotify for podcasters, another with Twitter Spaces now from desktop. But then there's also my one of my favorite live streaming applications, which is StreamYard. And StreamYard was acquired 2 weeks ago by an, company called Bending Spoons.

They're an Italian company, and we kind of don't know what to expect from these folks. They do also own, as I understand it, they also own Evernote, and they also own Meetup. Now I know there was a lot of disgruntled people about some of the changes they made over on Evernote. But I never used Evernote, so I don't have any firsthand knowledge of it.

I signed up for an account, but I never, you know, made a habit of using it to save notes. I actually use Apple Notes and Google Docs all day every day, and I'm happy with it that way. Oh, not to mention handwritten sticky notes as well as, recycled things that I print out that don't take up the whole page. Yeah. I cut those pieces of paper up. And so I have little squares or rectangular shaped piles of paper that I use for notes since I work from home.

So I have one over my workstation at work, one pile, and I also have one in front of me here in front of my iMac. So just, thinking about transition and thinking about the tools that we do have in front of us. And the last time I published something in the Anchor Show feed, oh my gosh.

That was so far ahead or so far before this whole AI revolution that we're going through right now. And, you know, some people will say, well, no. Those things were around. Yeah. They were around, but they weren't mainstream.

And so now this is the next thing that people are migrating to or what's trending is not only using AI to generate blog posts and, you know, reformat and repurpose our content, but also to generate content from scratch with "faceless" YouTube channels are a big thing now, and we also have all these ways that we can generate music. And, the just the list goes on and on.

You know, I start making a list, and it's almost every day that you can find out about a new tool that someone says that's better than anything else that's out there. So it just keeps iterating, and it's grown. It's like that movie from way back in the day with Steve McQueen called The Blob. That's how AI is right now. It just keeps growing and growing and growing.

And as soon as you think you've got it under control or you understand a little bit about it, then another tool comes out and you can't even keep track of the names of all the tools. And so I think it's important for us to have, from for myself as well as all of you listeners who have followed me for years since I started in 2009. And, I believe I started the Anchor Show in 2017. I have to double check on that.

And in fact, at first, it wasn't even called the anchor show. It was just Ileane. But, yeah, the these things, we need to have a record of them even if it is an audio record. And one thing that I also want to mention is one of the reasons why the podcast went on hiatus because, like I said, that was before the whole transition between Anchor and Spotify for podcasters when they completely dropped using the name Anchor.

One of the reasons has to do with Facebook. Yeah. Blame it on the Zuck and his crew because they were embracing podcasting big time, and we had all these audio tools that we could use. We could put our RSS feed on, Facebook, and I had done episodes about every little thing that Facebook was doing to push podcasting forward.

And just all of a sudden, out the clear blue sky after not even releasing this whole podcasting features that they presented, they pulled the plug. And so it was almost like I had I felt like I had egg on my face even though, of course, it was not my fault. Maybe I should've saw it coming. Maybe I should've saw it coming because it was not the first time that Facebook had kicked podcasting to the curb.

And so it just put a bad taste in my mouth, not for podcasting because I am still following all the podcasts about podcasting. I'm still involved and, you know, show up and comment and, I just consume as much as I can.

I actually did start podcasting again, which was simply a playlist on YouTube because, actually, YouTube generated playlist for me without even me asking that were considered as podcasts, but they were all the the stuff that I was talking about earlier, like Anchor podcast, how to use Anchor, and just podcasting in general. Like, YouTube just did me a favor and said, hey. So I said, you know what?

Since I am now on my YouTube channel, talking a lot about influencer marketing, talking about all the different ways that we can monetize our content. Even though I've always done that, it's even more of a focus for me now. And so I decided, well, why don't I put some of these, videos that I've been talking about. The Amazon Influencer Program and now the YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program. In case you weren't paying attention. That's another transition.

They you know, why don't I just put them in a playlist and give it a name? And I actually have the domain too for this build influencer profits. And so I may even shorten it and call it build profits. And, yeah, I might even I have to double check on what that domain name is anyway. But right now, the podcast, it's only on YouTube, but it's called Build Influencer Profits.

And, actually, I have a short link for it because I'm gonna put this episode into the feed there. And I'm gonna log in to my Rebrandly to make sure I give you the right because I think it's profits podcast, but let me just double check. So it's -- ileane, I l e a n e, dotlink/buildprofitspodcast.

There you have it. And you get that on YouTube Music, and you can find it on YouTube. And who knows? We may transition over into just having it be a new version of the anchor show. Always decisions that we as content creators have to make. And today, I just decided to record this audio just for you.

So if you were someone who still has the anchor show in your feed and you're finding yourself listening to Build Profits Podcast, thank you. Thank you so very much for just being you. You're awesome. Today, I did a tweet. And this tweet, I'm gonna read it to you. It's not that long.

Thinking of you and how hard you've worked to build your audience and nurture your community. Today is the day to take care of YOU! Pamper yourself -- it's good for the soul.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.



•Get a massage

•Use aromatherapy


•Recite positive affirmations


Get more ideas

And you can get more ideas over on my Benable list, which is for Mind, Body and Spirit. And I'll leave the link. I didn't make a short link for that one. But you can go to and you'll see the Mind, Body and Spirit collection list probably near the top of the page. 

And with that dear listener, and follower, subscriber, friend - thank you so very much and like I said earlier, today is the day to take care of you.

Peace and blessings.

This is Ms. Ileane, signing off. 

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