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Art Commission | RULES

Art Commission | RULES

May 17, 2021

Hello! Thank you for reaching this page.

I'm glad you're interested in my commissions. However, it's absolutely important for me and you that you read the following setups before accepting a commission.


I'm kind of new with commissions! Some rules may change during the time.

Buy Me a Coffee requires a 100% payment from the very beginning.
If you don't feel like paying the full fee, we can contact each other and start with a 50% payment upfront, to cover the cost of materials and time.

Either on BMaC or privately, if I don't succeed your expectations after 2 tries, You'll hold the other 50% of the payment.

What I need

To better understand what my commission is, I need the following information:

  • Your email or Discord user, so that we can confront each other for the sketches.

  • A description of what you want to be drawn. You can use a picture as a reference.

  • Be as detailed as possible!

What I do

This may vary from project to project, but in general, I use Clip Studio Paint for most of the work, Photoshop for some extra retouches, and Inkscape for exporting the picture as a vector file, in case you want to resize it at your convenience.

What you receive

A .zip folder with inside:

  • high-quality raster pictures.

  • The .psd file, in case you or someone else wants to modify it.

  • a vector picture, in black and/or white.

You can use the files however you want to.
I may use them just as a demonstration of what I can offer to other people!

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