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Weekly Talk #4

Weekly Talk #4

Dec 02, 2021

Hello! We’re already in December. How are your days going?
It’s getting colder and sometimes rainy in my city Antalya (but I still can wear short sleeves because it’s around 20 degrees eheheh)

Past week, all I do was drawing for some DTIYS challenges. There were so many good ones 😍 You can see all of my drawings on my Instagram: @idenizturk 😊

Have I ever mentioned I’m obsessed with the number 13? 🤩 I saw 1313 followers milestone on Instagram!

Another nice thing was, @mimimoo_illustration on IG mentioned my shop account and Etsy shop on her stories and website. I adore her works, so it was a sweet thing to be mentioned her small business list 🥺💖

To be honest, there wasn’t much thing to write for last week. I’m hoping to write more for this week though 😄

I’ll share my newest artworks and maybe some speed paints here soon. Stay tuned 😊

Bye bye!

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