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LIVE CALL IN : Unrealistic Expectations ...

LIVE CALL IN : Unrealistic Expectations | How Delusional can a person be?

May 20, 2023

Let's have another LIVE CALL IN and talk about what are the unrealistic expectations you've ever heard of? How delusional can a person be? Have you ever reflect on your own expectations regarding your life... whether it is about your relationships, dating life, career, family and so on and on. Let's discuss all about it. Call in and agree to disagree ;)

But if you can't be on time, it's always re-playable. You can always share your opinion in the comments down below or raise a question. You can even be one of the panels to discuss and learn how to have a good but fun conversations. It's not always have to be who is right and wrong. It's all about letting everyone talk and share what they're thinking. At the end of the day, always remember that we all have different view of the world. It's all about getting better and enjoying the process.

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