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Who I am. What I'm building.

Who I am. What I'm building.

Apr 26, 2022

✔️ Obsessed with how we interact with technology.

✔️ Professionally building AI powered software for others.

✔️ Personally building JARVIS from Iron Man.

How did I get here? Watching Iron Man at age 10 put me on a trajectory that's seen me train in engineering and computer science, running a software/AI agency, and even having the honour of inspiring others through public speaking and online content.

What am I working on? My personal project right now is building JARVIS from Iron Man. It's based on a hunch that the world already contains enough state-of-the-art technology to build what my 10-year-old self would describe as a "Tony's magic talking computer".

Working in the Machine Learning industry has allowed me to get close to some of the most ground breaking inventions of the 21st century. My day-to-day is helping businesses save time and money by automating tasks with machine learning and other useful technology. This close exposure has allowed me to start building my own Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

Track the project's progress on TikTok or even join the Discord community!

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