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First personal attempts on Retr0bright – ...

First personal attempts on Retr0bright – Part 2 - 2021/10/12

Oct 13, 2021

Hello again! This is a quick continuation of my previous post regarding my first attempts at Retrobrighting, in this second occasion and taking advantage of a bit of sunny weather I revisited the same test parts used before plus a new bay cover but modifying a bit the method.

The modification for this test was the H2O2 volume. I went from 20 to a 30 volume solution, mixed with some tap water and making sure that the mixture gained some temperature with the sun.

 I forget to take a picture of the cover before starting the process, but you can see how yellowed was the cover with the Intel Celeron sticker by comparing the part exposed to the sun with the one that was in the shadow.


Also I decided to expose again that other 3 ½ bay cover that was practically brown at the start and one of the 5 ¼ ones that was presenting some marbling, as show in the first picture.

 Sadly the process was cut a bit short due to a mild storm, but I feel much more happy with the results!

and with some confidence to try on some bigger pieces like this Genius serial mouse, that works fine, but well… you can see the problem with the color comparing the top with the bottom part. The flash was enough the reproduce how yellow that mouse looks on the sunlight.


See you all next time!

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