❗️IMPORTANT Announcement❗️

❗️IMPORTANT Announcement❗️

Sep 04, 2023

Important Tab Announcement - Regarding Custom Requests

From now on, I’m only going to create custom tabs for members on my Buy Me a Coffee site.

This decision comes from the amount of time that is involved with each song. My tabs consist of entire songs from start to finish. If the song has solos, then the solos are part of the tab too. Some songs are easier than others, but it does take a lot of time to figure out all of the correct notes.

If you’re still interested in putting in a tab request, you can do the following:

1. Become a Tester’s Tabbers member ($12 a month)


2. Submit a Tab Request ($25 base rate)


Once the order is complete, you will receive a PDF of the tab, 2 audio recordings slow/fast, and one video recording.

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