Announcement ! (Please READ)

Announcement ! (Please READ)

Oct 27, 2023

Hello my Friends PLEASE READ this the first Announcement for FC 24 changes. today after the release of Fifa Editor Tool we can now offically mod the game and use mods inside FC 24 and I'm excited to announce the new changes that will happen between today and November 1st :

  • Premium and Premium plus for Fifa 23 will be remaining for FC 24 no changes on the fees

  • Fifa 23 will have a new Tier for the people that remaining with Fifa 23 and it will be set for 4$

  • Fifa 23 faces will not be as prioritized as FC 24 because by October 31st FIFA 23 will have 365 faces released, the new ones will be delayed after FC24 version

I wanted to make this announcement so you know about the new changes and make your decisions whether you will stay on FIFA 23 or upgrade to FC 24, the changes on Patreon will be made on November 1st so please make your needed changes from now I want to thank all of you for your support in this epic year, I hope I did my best with making faces and I hope I do even more this year as I'm loving the new gameplay and the game with cinematic scenes

Thank you so much Everyone


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