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Cats and Cruisers

Cats and Cruisers

Feb 07, 2023

Another build which fell off a bookcase when almost completed, mentioning no names Bask Decat, is my Zvezda 1:350 Protected Cruiser Varyag.

This was my ‘get back in the saddle’ build after too much PE on the Graf Spee and too much hate from Youtube Keyboard warriors for my Arizona build.  So I went Rusky just to piss them off.

Despite suffering a few bad eggs from Zvezda, this kit was surprisingly cleanly moulded, and on the whole went together well.  As usual I added lots of scratch updates, metal barrels, a wood veneer deck plus brass yards and masts.

It was 90% complete when on New Years Day a certain cat was seen running from my hobby room after I heard a loud bang and then discovered my Varyag smashed on the floor.

This is the video of the repair some years later.

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