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Big week at real job

Big week at real job

Jan 07, 2023

Good News: I have started the new contract job, so won’t have to scrimp and starve on just Youtube income. It’s only 3 days a week, so that leaves 3 for modelling and videos, plus a rest day where I can poke about with my wooden Bounty.

So sorry if the posts have been quiet for the last few days, as I have been head down / bum up, getting trained and orientation for the new contract job.

One advantage is they print on T-Shirts and mugs. So I can make my own merchandise with Houdini stuff on them! Won’t have to rely on the Youtube printers who take 90% of any sale from me.

Why the Spitfire pic?

Well until the contract money kicks in I needed some cash, so decided to sell off duplicate or unwanted Spitfire kits. I had over a dozen, but whittled that down to 6 that I wanted to keep, then put the rest on Marketplace to sell locally. What a response! I could have sold some 3 or 4 times over! It was a Spitty frenzy.

That Revell 1/32 Mk.IIa was listed for what I had paid for it, not greedy, so 3 shekels… I’m told now they go for 9 shekels these days, and even 6 would have sold it fast. No matter. Geoff bought it and loves the kit, plus he’s a mate of Paul, so you gotta look after your mates, mates.

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