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Things Forgotten

Things Forgotten

Oct 23, 2023

I haven’t been on a bike in forever. I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike, honestly. Yesterday, my husband and I drove into Memphis and stopped by Shelby’s Farm, a wonderful place to walk, bike and canoe. We were on foot for a brief moment and then we saw a couple riding some rental bikes and my husband said, “Let’s bike!” I tell you, this girl, almost forgot how to bike! It’s been that long, but pretty soon, I got the hang of it again and we biked around the lake. It was beautiful and so thrilling. I felt like a little child again. it was so much fun and I just couldn’t stop laughing.


What is one thing you haven’t done in a while? I ask this because biking was something I used to do all the time. Then life got busy and I sort of just forgot about it. Sometimes adulting is hard, I tell you, because it forces you to grow up, sometimes faster than needed. But take a break, my friends, and get back into what you used to love to do.


I think one of the greatest things in life is that we can continue to be ourselves until the end of time. Sometimes people believe that getting married or having children should stop us from living life, but it doesn’t. We are the prime example that life should still be lived well to the little eyes we raise. I can tell you that biking will be a hobby as a family from together on.


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