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Feb 07, 2024

If you met the version of yourself at your lowest, how would you help her with the knowledge you know today? I think of this often and I find myself visiting the Houa who was so lost and alone, struggling silently in a corner, wondering when the next jab of insult would come from. She was a people pleaser, gave all her energy to others and looked at herself with little love. She endured all the horrible words people gave her and smiled at them in return because she’d been crying enough.


I see her from time to time…


When I am dreaming and she enters the space I am now in and tells me, “Thank you, Houa, for not giving up on me.” The strength I had today came from her, honestly, and every single part of the person you follow and read today was birth from her. I pieced her back together gently and each day let the sun show her that life has more than just petty insults from others. The pain she lived with was loud and threatening to her soul and broke her in ways no one knew. She was silent about it for so long and the day she found her voice, it became a song that hit the hearts of others for they too suffered the same.


I see her from time to time…


But she’s no longer in pain. She’s actually smiling because I am able to help her forgive all those who did her harm. Forgiving them doesn’t mean she’s forgotten. It means she’s moving on without them. This path includes a beautiful new journey where life itself spreads wings and flies lifting her up into peace and freedom, something she hadn’t felt for a long time and questioned everything.


I see her from time to time…


But she’s smiling and so am I.

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