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Nov 04, 2023

The seasons change and each one has an introduction to a moment in time of faith and hope. When the summer ends, it is a time for rebirth for the leaves let go and leave the trees vulnerable and naked. It is a reminder for us that we have to let go of the doubts that linger around in our hearts and home. We hold onto things too long and it manifests into the corners of our souls, nestling in and making themselves feel comfortable. They become like a guest that has outstayed their visit.


Come winter, it is the season to unearth the pain that we buried in the spring. It is a time to dig out the truth of what is really hurting us and gently let it lay out to melt away. Too long we shield our hearts from pain because we are afraid that if we open up again, we will get hurt. So we allow our hearts to just be bandaged lightly in the hope that the bruises will fade. But the reality is that we force our hearts to hide away.


When spring arrives, it seeks a place to lay the seeds to the flowers that will bloom and grow into something vibrant and beautiful. We allow our hearts to open gently and accept the truth that time is going to change and that we must learn to be in the present. When summer arrives, with it, the sun and the calm that opens up growth and bloom. We thrive and we live on.


Our lives are just like the four seasons…a moment waiting for its’ time to arrive and make its grand entrance. Sometimes it may be longer than needed but when the time arrives, we are then shown the path and the light becomes ours. We open up to a world of opportunities and the timing becomes the perfect choice to allow our hearts to fully blossom.


Don’t be afraid if you take a look at what is in front of you right now and you wonder to yourself…when? The person next to you already began many chapters ago so trying to catch up to them overnight may seem impossible. The feeling will be defeat and if not careful, envy. Learn that each one of us has a time, a moment, a season to shine.

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