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Remember Me The Way I Was

Remember Me The Way I Was

Dec 20, 2023

During my trip out to Las Vegas, I received word that my mother-in-law passed away. I have been with this woman for nearly 3 decades, coming into her life when I was so young, and she practically raised me more than my own birth mother. She taught me a lot of things and although we didn’t have the perfect relationship together, it was our own. Only she and I understood the relationship we had and we made it make sense.


I’m thankful for her teaching of reminding me to be a grand lady everywhere I go. No matter what happens in life, I should never lose my beauty to anyone, not even a man. Every time I went somewhere, she always reminded me to go with my best foot forward because your image was the first thing people saw. So I always made sure I carried on a good reputation of myself.


The last time I went to visit her, I was brushing her hair and I was afraid of hurting her so I was gentle and she said, “You can brush a little harder to get those knots out.” And I found a purple turban headband so I put it on her after I did her hair. She was always one to make sure she looked her best. She never wanted any of us to post pictures of her in her worse. I dreamt of her the day she passed and she said, “Let me go. I’m tired. Don’t stop me from going anymore. Just remember me the way I was.”


Mom, I promise, I will remember your rosy cheeks, your big laughter that filled hearts and your ladylike demur. You are no longer in pain and I wish you a well journey to find peace. You have lived a grand life. We will miss you.

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