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Nov 10, 2023

When I think back to my earliest memory of life, I often find myself seeing a pen…a pen to write. Very early on, my father always told me that a pen would change my life because only with a pen could I write my name. That’s where my love for pens began. I have a collection of them, from different colors to shapes and styles. I love them as they are an early reminder of how to write my name.


A few years ago, I wrote this screenplay titled A Woman Worth Marrying and I sent it to be considered for production. I actually didn’t hear back from the producers until two months later. I had forgotten entirely about it, honestly. When they replied back to me, they said, “We love your script! It’s refreshing and a new taste in the world of film making. We love it, however, we don’t love your name on it. We’d like to buy the copyrights of it from you.” I was shocked to my core. I had been in the world of vicious literary agents telling me my writing sucked but a shot at Hollywood was another new blow to my soul. They loved the script. They just didn’t love my name. If I gave them the right, they would buy it from me, change it around and I would end up hating the masterpiece I created. If I didn’t give them the right, I would keep my name in print forever.


I decided to keep my name. It meant too much to me and if they didn’t like me because of how my name was spelled, I didn’t need them either. When I declined their offer, the producer told me that this was the best deal I was giving up for someone of my origin. I told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I couldn’t give up my identity just to make sure I was seen. The humble beginnings of my parents was too much and my name deserved to be shown.


If someone doesn’t treat you right, don’t wait around until it happens. If an opportunity is asking you to give yourself up to a point of you not liking who you are, don’t do it. Know your worth. Stand up for what you believe in and never forget where you came from. Mine began with a pen and I shall use that to write my name everywhere I go. Nothing should replace it just so the world will feel more comfortable.

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