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Mostly Clear

Mostly Clear

Oct 10, 2023

"Mostly Clear."

That's the weather for today. I wonder how life would be if our lives were the same as the weather predictions? It's "mostly sunny," today with a high chance of rain. Does that mean we would experience heartache? "Warm with a chance of rough wind...," meaning we may run into events that leave us breathless? Have you ever wondered about this?

The earth and nature has been one that I listen to from the beginning of time, hearing its song and listening to its pain that sheds from years of trauma. I think to myself, what if our lives were the description that mankind describes the earth and sky? Would we be able to predict when love would happen and when death would occur? The greatest mystery in life is the moment surrounding "if" and "when" of our lives. Anchormen/women have long predicted how the weather can be by studying the flow of air and the charts they read on. We prepare by putting together the right collection of attire when going on vacation. Where do you think that would put us if life could be predicted that way?

This is something we will never know and perhaps the greatest win in life is not knowing about it. It leaves an open chapter to be written by learning and the adventures we will soon seek and unfold as we live daily. We can question the miracle of life over and over again with no answers or with too much knowledge that we don't know what to do with it. But what you do with what you learn is the cherry on top. Most people learn a lifetime of knowledge and keep it to themselves, hoping to be this great winner at living life. But the problem is that they don't even apply what they learned to living. While the rest of us who don't know the secret are basically living day to day but we explore so much that we became the successor.

I hope you remember that you are the anchor of your life. If you didn't know that, let me be the one to tell you today. You are the anchor of your life because you control what happens around you. When it becomes out of your control is when you experience a tornado of emotions and a hurricane of tears. This is when others take over you and force you to reek havoc on your own life. Rebuilding will take time and although it can be done, it will be "Mostly Clear," for a bit of time.

Love & Light,


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