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Little Moments

Little Moments

Oct 20, 2023

I needed a moment to myself yesterday to rethink about all the things that was going on in my life. And then I broke down. Not because it was too much. But I remembered the hurt and because again, the hurt is resurfacing due to certain things in my life. I am reminded why I keep myself away from those people. The embrace my husband gave me was again a life saver. No matter how tough things get, his embrace brings me back home.


I find that in this world, it has always been him and me fighting to stay afloat. We come from such similar backgrounds and we have molded our hearts together in a way that can’t determine where he starts and where I end. The lessons we have endured, the changes we’ve embraced and the loss we encountered has all been just the two of us silently holding each other through it all.


If you find someone like this, never let them go and always remember to be grateful. Life is beautiful but it can be everlasting with the right partner.  

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