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Nov 06, 2023

The weather is 65 degrees…and I’m still in awe that it’s the second week of November. The south here truly does warm your heart and soul with its comfort weather. I have to remind myself what season we are in because of how nice the weather is. Over the weekend, we went to join in the Japanese Festival in Memphis and it was very lovely to see the rich culture being displayed. The many food vendors was incredibly tasty and the shops were gorgeous along with the costumes and arts. I had researched it when we first moved here but I didn’t realize how big of attendance it would create.


My husband and I are taking the kids to tour a few cities before 2023 ends. We are set to leave this Saturday and have a full adventure of four days together planned. I’m excited to show you photos and places to experience. Then my husband and I are going to be in Las Vegas in December to experience Christmas in the city that never sleeps. We are excited for both trips.


I used to be the one getting ready on a Friday night to go out to party and drink at a venue being hosted by clan members. Husband and I would return the middle of the night, him drunk and me exhausted. That was our life for a long time and I hated it because it had nothing good going for us. We were clan leaders and it drove a wall between us and the children. When we made the move and Fridays became the start of family trips and couple weekend getaway, our life transformed from investing in others to each other. Our relationship with our children blossomed and the joy in each other multiplied. This is what life is all about.

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