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Hello Crispy Weather

Hello Crispy Weather

Oct 17, 2023

A mere 48 degrees today, sunny, and I am awed at the crisp air that has settled into town. This is my first season of Fall here in the South and I am experiencing something new that I haven’t seen before when I used to live in the East and Midwest. Here, the leaves sort of just dry and fall off, becoming dried brown little collections on the ground. The beautiful Fall foliage colors are not yet here and may be arriving later than expected since it is warm. Back in the East and Midwest coasts, I would already be taking photos with the changing colors of leaves.


It's strange though how the other day my husband and I were out shopping and the cool air blew across me and I felt a chill. And this was still 65 degrees outside and the me back then had hiked in 40 degree weather before. When I made a remark about how cold it was, my husband said to me, “You’re so southern! It’s still 65 degrees!” I was shocked because it’s true. The southern weather here has turned me soft. I am used to the 80 plus weather.


The town here is very festive when it comes to the holidays and I cannot wait to experience it this year. There is horse drawn carriage rides along with a 12 foot Christmas tree with over a thousand lights that will be put into the town square. We will get to experience that this year with the children and are so excited. I love how small towns do the most family oriented activities.


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