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Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Oct 14, 2023

Today is October 14th, 2023 and the time is 9:39 AM. I am sitting on the deck of my home in Collierville, Tennessee, surrounded by candles lit to protect those pesky mosquitoes from biting me. The leaves have dried up and have decorated my porch and lawn, giving me a warm Fall look as Halloween approaches. The weather is 59 degrees right now, but as the time ticks on, it will get warmer. What used to be an area of a vast of green is now turning a faded brown and cooper as the season changes.


I am drinking a new coffee brand called Death Wish…such a funny name for a coffee brand, but I wanted to try it and it’s actually pretty good! I like my coffee on the sweet and creamer side so the roast of dark isn’t present. The birds are chirping and squirrels have been looking for acorns to prepare for the winter season. Here, there are tons of acorns that falls everywhere. You just have to do the work. I can hear a crow singing behind me as the sun begins to rise.


I am alone out here. My children and husband are still sleeping inside, warm, tucked between the blankets, as sleep still overpowers them. I couldn’t sleep any longer and when I woke, I had the urge to come out and write with nature around me. The wind is slightly bitter today and clashes with me a harsh slap in the face. But I welcome it with a smile because I know everything has a time for its presence. The warm days are slowly disappearing as the sun stays shorter and the night becomes longer. It is a reminder that snow is coming and that the days where I get notice on my phone that says “excessive heat warning,” ‘will disappear.


But I am glad that this year I am in the south and not in the Midwest or the East coast. I have experienced snow like those who live in those states and I am exhausted of it. As beautiful as it is to have it decorate the ground, I hate shoveling it, by hand or machine. I hate how it creates ice over our roads and fights with our cars as we drive to work. I hate how it gives a dreary look on certain days. I want it to come in the morning and disappear by afternoon. And that is what I am looking forward to this year, a mere 2 inches as the greatest snowfall ever.


Thank you for reading this far. My thoughts end here today…for now. They will pick up again another day and I shall again be sharing it with you.


Love & Light,



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