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A Year Ago

A Year Ago

Feb 05, 2024

This past weekend, the weather was beautiful, hitting a high of 70 degrees…in February. Last year this time, my husband took a photo of an ice storm and sent it to us. Last year this time, we were in Pennsylvania and he was cooped up in a hotel in Mississippi. Last year this time, we were trying to find a home to bring the family together. Last year…so much has happened since last year and my husband celebrated his one year anniversary with his job and come next month, it will be one year since we moved into the home.


Many people have asked me, “Aren’t you afraid to live in a place so far away from family?” Of course, I am, it’s not something someone just gets up to do one day. But the thought of struggling and wondering where our last meal is going to be is the first thing I think of when our journey comes to mind. It is not easy to ask anyone for money and we’ve had to do that several times before we moved away to restart our life. But making that change brought to us a deep understanding of what we were actually missing and what we needed to do to change. Often times I turn to look at my husband and I think to myself, “We’re ok, honey. We’re ok.”


True colors of people emerge when you hit your lowest and you find that the person you thought you knew is a stranger. You find yourself wondering how you spent your whole life giving so much to them when they in return wouldn’t give anything to you. The truth hurts and when you finally see things this way your heart hardens and you are not afraid to do anything that may not involve them. You are ok to stand by yourself and to gift yourself the chance to truly follow your dreams.


Be unafraid…because sometimes by removing yourself do you actually find the peace you have been seeking.

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