2 days left!

Feb 07, 2023

Hello, it's a beautiful day!

As you know Twitter will start charging to read it's data in 2 days. We're still looking for supporters to help cover the cost of data when they start charging on February 9th.

So far this year we've raised $0 to support our service. If you enjoy Bet Shares consider buying us a coffee today! If we can get 5 coffees purchased we'll pick up the tab for February's data at that point (we still don't know full pricing yet, thanks Twitter).

Hopefully things go well and we can still get our data for free but we're prepping for the worst with how Twitter is running itself into the ground. The unfortunate part is this application and TwinSpires relies on Twitter to spread the word and you may have to hunt harder on your own starting on Friday.

We've added a widget to our home page to quick donate to us as well!



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