13Storm full moon eve

13Storm full moon eve

Aug 10, 2022

Hi y’all

What happened recently that’s like a gigantic storm in your life? Those energies should chill a little after today. A beautiful full moon begins the next cycle of 1 Sun/Ahau [august 11, 2022] a gentle feminine energy building up to 13 Road [august 23, 2022] when we reach our Cosmic destination.

For those who have wondered if human beings ever landed on the moon, or if it was a fake event filmed by Stanley Kubrick…. The answer is YES! Both things happened. The problem is that we didn’t like what we actually found on the moon when we landed. There were massive ships of other worldly origin much more advanced than our tiny propulsion driven vessels, and they did not look friendly.

I am being asked more frequently to help people with my shamanic services, crystal and sound healing, and plant medicine ceremonies. Also, lots of interest in our house as a film set and more interest in my art on clothes and music as film soundtracks!

Time the dam finally bursts for abundance! … not about money, but about friends family and our soul kin.

Blessings y’all!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Carlos and Kristy


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