Closing Down

Apr 22, 2023

No, Hole in the Ground is not closing down, however I will be shutting down all membership tiers. Let me explain why. When I started this program, it was two fold. First I wanted to be able to offer special items, usually limited. In addition, I only have so much time for social media, I generally dislike it, and wanted to be more in control of it. I figured if I didn't have time for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mewe, etc, etc, etc, people could always find my posts here. That's a lot of time savings and frustration for me. It was a way for me to be in touch and hopefully avoid constant issues with customers not receiving emails since they would be SUBSCRIBED.

However, I've found almost zero engagement with my posts here so why bother? To try and provide more content for paying subs, I attempted to keep a steady stream of exclusive behind the scenes content and other posts.

When I started the program, it was also another revenue stream desperately needed while business was extremely slow. However, things have picked up and now I simply don't have the TIME to add content... well almost anywhere. I need to spend my time effectively and I don't want anyone to be paying to subscribe where they aren't getting regular content. So once I post this, I will be manually cancelling all paid subscriptions. Random donations will still be available and I may still post content from time to time. I may look into other programs using other means such as one time purchases or exclusives from my website. As a one man operation, I'm often trying to do the job of several.

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