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VRCLens - VRChat Camera Extension for De ...

VRCLens - VRChat Camera Extension for Desktop and VR

Jan 21, 2022

VRCLensはVRCSDK3・Avatars 3.0専用のVRChat用アバターに組み込んで利用するVRカメラ拡張の商品です。デスクトップも対応ですので、デスクトップモードでもグループ写真を撮る可能になります。被写界深度シミュレーションと視野角調整でけじゃなく、露出調整をできます。さらに、いろんなデジタルカメラのような特徴を実現できるようになります。



VRCLens is a set of photographic extensions to the stock VRChat camera that is to be put in your Avatars 3.0 VRChat avatar. It also supports desktop/2D mode, meaning you can take great photos without requiring a VR headset. Not only there is zooming and depth of field simulation, you can also adjust the exposure level of the image. Also, a lot of the advanced features that do and do not exist in real digital cameras are implemented in VRCLens, allowing you to be able to take various kinds of photos and videos you envision for.

◇The latest version is 1.7.7 - supports the updated VRChat Camera◇

サンプルアバター/Demo World

試着用のVRCLens組み込みアバターの操作、メニュー、特徴を試して確認できます。 You can test out VRCLens before you buy by using the sample avatar from the world below: https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_85bfeefb-78b8-444c-b4e8-15698fb7864d

※VRChatの不具合のため、必ずサンプルアバターを順番に試着してください。2人以上が同時に試着しちゃったら、VRCLensのイメージ画像は動作しなくなります。発生したら、入り直してください。 商品版はその不具合がありません。

*Due to a bug or quirks regarding VRChat’s safety system involving cameras, if 2 or more players have the same VRCLens demo avatar, your camera will stop working. If so, rejoin or move to a new instance. The actual product does not have this issue.

導入方法と利用方法/How to install and use

導入方法はこちら Installation tutorial is here Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YqKdZEr36GMuExzHze7eIEDZYBVd_6fJsRASOPaRFUc/edit?usp=sharing

英語化の使用方法はこちら(日本語化予定) Usage manual is here (WIP) Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dqHmiZuTrKXd__rsto2zOR3SzK8KH0vu0y-e2Sv121I/edit?usp=sharing

権利関連/Third-party Credits

・含まれるAvatars 3.0 Managerの著作権はVRLabsに帰属します
・EVILSのtonemapはAndroid Open Source ProjectよりのFilamentエンジンをもとにしています(Apache License)
・被写界深度シェーダーの一部はDennis Gustafsson様をもとにしています

・Avatars 3.0 Manager by VRLabs (MIT license)
・EVILS tonemapper from Android Open Source Project's Filament PBR engine (Apache License, Version 2.0) ・Depth of Field shader based on Dennis Gustafsson's single-pass DoF shader.

利用規約/Terms of Use (Rules)


・本商品に含まれるMITライセンスで運用されるAvatars 3.0 Managerの著作権はVRLabsに帰属する。

■The following terms apply to the latest version.■
Be sure to review the terms in the Readme file included with the Unitypackage.

・Commercial usage, including usage in monetized videos or live streams is allowed.
・Modification of VRCLens package is allowed.
・Redistribution or resale, modified or not, is prohibited, regardless of being standalone or as part of an avatar.
・Embedding this product into public avatars, including for avatar worlds, is prohibited.
・The copyright of VRCLens product belongs to Hirabiki.
・The copyright of Avatars 3.0 Manager script included in VRCLens belongs to VRLabs, licensed under MIT license.
・The creator is not responsible for any damages caused by using this product.

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