Three Cool Things About Growing Food

Three Cool Things About Growing Food

Mar 10, 2022

ONE - when you grow food at home, it's as fresh and flavorful as can be. It doesn't get any better than eating a carrot you dug up five minutes ago or slicing up a tomato you just picked. Seriously, I didn't even like vegetables until I started growing them. It's a game-changer

TWO - you know exactly where your food came from. When you put a seed or a plant in the ground, you take control of the food it will produce. You follow it's journey from sprout to table which means you know if it comes in contact with pesticides, fertilizers, etc. You know exactly when it was harvested and in what condition. While gardening is FULL of surprises, there are NO surprises when it comes to the contents of your food.

THREE - lots of plants become self-sustaining, meaning you don't need to buy plants or seeds again. Some foods, like horseradish and asparagus, are perennial - so once you get them established, they keep coming back year after year. Other plants, like heirloom tomatoes or garlic, are good candidates for seed saving or collecting, which means you collect seeds each year and save them for the next growing season.

There's plenty more to say about the merits of growing your own food but let's start with these three.

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