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F-Hex Navy

F-Hex Navy

Feb 09, 2021

Hey! I'm Hex, I'm glad to see you~

Do you like this page? I'm sure you'll love what's coming on. Let me introduce you one of my shark buds.

His name is F-Hex Navy, aka Navy for his friends and me. This guy is a "technolodon", a futuristic cyborg-like shark that wen back through time to spend great days along with us.

He loves to stay in the sea, he's a great swimmer by nature. Also, he has exciting superpowers, for example, Navy can shoot water from his forearms and his triangular bodymarks are electric spots, isn't incredible?

I hope you can see more of my grumpy but loyal bud. If so, you can visit bit.ly/HexG3Artstation and check more artworks out when you want~ ;)

Have a great time!

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