I Made The Switch

I Made The Switch

Mar 21, 2021

The Switch Its not as scary as you think it is, periodt

I've been eyeing the menstrual cup for almost a year but never had the courage to try. This was also due to the lack of knowledge but after doing my research, the other issue that came about for me was the availability of the cup in Malaysia. If you've looked up the menstrual cup like me, you'll know that they offer more than 2 brands overseas but shipping would cost a bomb so when I found @thehivebulkfoods (thanks to @moodoodles), I was very happy that they had their very own hivette cup . I took me months still but I decided to finally purchase my hivette cup from them during their International Women's Day promo which was in March 2020.  

I've never used tampons before so this was very new to me. The learning curve was rather interesting but I'll leave that for Part 2. It wasn't easy but when I overcame that mini obstacle, it's safe to say that the menstrual cup has really changed my life and I'm certain that I'll never go back to using pads again 😂  

Thankfully, a lot of the menstrual cup brand websites are super informative. The one that helped me the most was actually @organicup 's website especially with the insertion and removing the cup. In terms of care and cleaning, it would be @thedivacup (they even have it in Chinese!) I've included a few tips of my own as well so I hope this would help. 

I didn't have anyone I could talk to when I first started exploring the cup. It was pretty stressful and scary and I wouldn't want that for anyone else cause you'd really be missing out on how life changing this cup is 😂 that being said, my DMs are always open for ladies who have questions. I'll try my best and share my insights and make sure that you're not walking on this path alone. Will be sharing this process on my IG stories as well (anonymously and with your consent of course!)

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