Our 2022 travel plans

Our 2022 travel plans

Mar 11, 2022

We are currently in the planning stage of our travels for this year. This time, we have very specific requirements. Ben wants to rest and just chill on the beach and I want a place to explore. We searched for destinations that would be able to fulfill both of our needs - a city with a nice beach around.

Malaga is one of such places but we have already been there a few years ago. Another obvious candidate was Barcelona, and because I have been wanting to visit it for years, Barcelona it was. We have already booked our stay (and managed to rent a penthouse with a beautiful view!) and I'm very happy with this.

I have only one fear - a few days ago we listened to a Youtube talk by a Czech architect who spent three months in Barcelona, and he remarked that the population density there is 5x bigger than in Prague. Eeek! As someone with social anxiety, I very much don't appreciate this fact! I hope I will be able to find enough less populated places to relax and rest in between exploring the city.

Our second destination is maybe a bit surprising. I have wanted to visit Portugal for a very long time, and we were thinking about Lisbon, but we weren't able to find any good beaches nearby. I have already given up, but when I told this to my Portuguese friend, she readily gave me some beach tips! In the end, we will stay in Cascais close to a small but nice beach and I will visit Lisbon by train - a 30-minute ride along the seashore. The only problem was the lack of Airbnbs that I liked, but I found one that I was happy with.

That will be June and September. Hopefully, in November we will be able to spend a month in Tenerife again! The stay this year did wonders to my usual winter depression.

A fun fact is that our digital nomad friends spent a part of this winter in Lisbon and then a week in Barcelona before returning home, so it's like we will be retracing their travels backward. It means that I have a great source of tips and answers to my questions. I already got good info on where to look for accommodation in Barcelona (Barcelonetta or El Poble-Sec - we went with the latter, it was a cheaper option.)

These are just plans for now. Anything can happen. So here is to hoping that everything goes well and we will have enjoyable stays :)

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