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Spring Cleaning Synth Wizardry

Spring Cleaning Synth Wizardry

Apr 26, 2022

Hey gang,

I was recently possessed with the urge to tidy up my home studio. It had gotten very cluttered and, as a result, I wasn't making the best use of the space.

Whether I'm writing, recording or even teaching in my space, I really like to have everything available and ready to go at all times so that I'm not wasting time getting tangled up in cables every time I need to hop on to a different instrument.

It took a long time but I've finally got everything just how I need it and, as a result, I've been making use of a piece of equipment that I haven't utilised in an embarrassingly long time - my DeepMind Synthesizer!

We've been getting reacquainted this morning and this cool riff just fell out of the keys. I quite like it, and couldn't resist adding some guitars, bass and drums to flesh it out!

What do you think - could this be a future HeKz song?

Click here to listen to the new demo

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