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'Mayday, Mayday!' - our new single is ou ...

'Mayday, Mayday!' - our new single is out

Feb 17, 2023

What life gives with one hand, it can take away with the other. How do you keep your head, and your heart, when everything starts to crumble around you?

These feelings of chaos and resilience are evoked with dramatic and intense performances on our new single ‘Mayday’ - the first release from the forthcoming double album ‘Terra Nova.’

An overdriven bass riff introduces the song and sets the tone for what will follow - the mesmerizing guitar work of Mark Bogert, the relentless drums of Moyano el Buffalo and the enchanting violin of special guest Lucia La Rezza, with the commanding voice of vocalist / bassist Matt Young leading the charge.

On Lucia La Rezza’s contribution to the song, Young continues, “HeKz were invited to perform at the Hard Rock Hell festival in 2021. At the time, it wasn’t going to be possible for Irina [Markevich, violin] to join us for the concert, and Lucia came highly recommended. I was amazed to see her covers of Iron Maiden and Dragonforce songs, all played on the violin at full tilt!”

“Since the plan was to perform this music on stage together, we invited Lucia to contribute to a couple of the new songs. Unfortunately, the festival show was cancelled but I’m grateful we have this recorded collaboration. Lucia and Irina have very different approaches to the violin, and the music of ‘Terra Nova’ is all the richer for it.”

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