Grocery Stores are Seeing an Influx of M ...

Grocery Stores are Seeing an Influx of Meat-Like, Plant-Based Options on their Shelves

May 06, 2022

It seems, either for the sake of following a trend or to offer alternatives to more diverse consumers, many fast-food brands are hopping on the train of plant-based meats. Grocery stores are even seeing an influx of meat-like, plant-based options on their shelves; but are these products healthy? While they’re advertised as being healthier and more humane, the true nutritional value of these products remains questionable.

What is a Meat Product?

A meat product is any food that is made from animal parts. While it may not be exactly clear cut what makes a food a meat product, there are a few ingredients and characteristics that can lead to identifying whether or not a product is considered meat. Foods that contain protein with high concentrations of amino acids, such as soybean and wheat gluten, can mimic both texture and taste similar to meat products.

For the Sake of Following Trends

It seems many people are turning to plant-based diets because it’s a trend that can help improve one’s health. In addition to following trends, consumers should make educated decisions about what they choose to put in their bodies. For example, choosing a dish with healthier ingredients can make all the difference if you want to feel your best and maintain a healthy diet.

Letting Consumers to Eat What They Want

With so many grocery stores and fast food brands offering options for those seeking plant-based alternatives to meat products, health-conscious consumers can now avoid eating what they do not want. Whether it is a recipe for dinner that takes hours to prepare or a lengthy process to acquire meat products from animals rather than plants, many people are staying away from meat and dairy products.

Meat Products Have Some Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage to meat-like alternatives is that most plant-based meats use soy as a main ingredient and many people don’t like that. These products also tend to be expensive due to their newness, but as demand for them grows, so does supply and hopefully, prices will follow. Additionally, some fake meat can have a funky aftertaste and may not pair well with your favourite meal or recipe.

The Meat Industry's Response

While most fast food brands and grocery stores offer vegetarian options that look like meat, many in the meat industry believe these products could turn consumers away from a vital source of protein. Due to rising prices and increasing demand for animal protein worldwide, major players in America’s meat industry have begun creating plant-based alternatives. These meats will provide consumers with a convenient option for dinner but might not be as effective as expected.

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